~ Ce Blog est un recensement de la biodiversité de mon jardin (et de ses proches environs) situé en Camargue ~
~ This blog is a census of the biodiversity of my garden (and its vicinity) in Southern France - Camargue ~
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July 22, 2010

Souci (Colias crocea), Clouded Yellow, Postillon oder Wander-Gelbling

Voici une toute première série prise avec le Sigma 105 macro - je ne le maitrise pas encore complètement, mais je suis déjà bluffée du résultat :)

Here is the very first series taken with the Sigma 105 macro - I'm not really got used to it so far but the results are very nice already :)


  1. It does take some getting used to, but these are very good. That second one is outstanding.
    I'd be very happy with results like that.

  2. Oh these are lovely!!! Great captures! LOVE that close-up!!

  3. Looks like a decent lens and these are lovely shots...The detail in the second is fantastic.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Great job with the new lens! I too recently purchased a new macro. It sure is fun experimenting with it. Looks like you have already mastered the lens.

  5. Thanks Keith - but I think you're doing much better than that already !

    Thanks Kerri :)

    Thank you Anthony - Hope there will be some nice other ones soon ;)

    Thanks Julie - no not already mastered ...I'm just at the beginning - lol !