~ Ce Blog est un recensement de la biodiversité de mon jardin (et de ses proches environs) situé en Camargue ~
~ This blog is a census of the biodiversity of my garden (and its vicinity) in Southern France - Camargue ~
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July 18, 2010

Aigrette garzette (Egretta garzetta), Little Egret, Seidenreiher


  1. Lovely set of shots my friend, I especially like the first.

  2. Beautiful series!! Wonderful!

  3. Love these shots. Agree with Anthony, that first one is a cracker.
    Don't think I'll put mine up now lol

  4. J'adore tes images d,aigrettes! La faible lumi'ere sur celle ci ajoute un petit quelquechose ;)

  5. Beautiful series! I love how the light falls on the first egret (photo 1). All are lovely, though.

  6. Anthony - Thank you very much - for once she was quite close I had not the best light ... but the result is not so bad.

    Kerri thanks for stopping by :)

    Keith ... sure you will put your up !!

    Dominic - merci ! J'avais justement craint cette faible lumière ce jour là - mais le résultat n'est finalement pas si mal que ça ...

    Thank you Julie ;)